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Park Of America The Dream Job

Welcome Flag Loving Americans

Please join in this historical cause. Be a part of history in making the vision of Park Of America a reality that will inspire our patriotism and unity.

We are just in our infancy but will need an army of volunteers. Volunteers are essential for our grass roots campaign and in fulfilling and expanding the Park Of America mission.

We welcome volunteers that bring diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We will have volunteers in every state and every city to coordinate fundraisers and events.

As a Park Of America volunteer, you will help build the capacity of our organization to reach more people and have greater impact. As a bonus, it also provides an important opportunity for all of us to live out our values as an American. Not to mention that the experience will provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.

We need volunteers with all types of skill sets of every level.

We are now accepting request for positions. Please fill out the form and tell us why you would be a good fit and what skill sets you bring. It may take a few weeks before you hear from us.

Thank You for your support.

Terry Sachetti Founder & CEO

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Committed To Inspiring American Patriotism & Unity

Park Of America Wants You