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  • 5482 Sanibel Dr, Minnetonka MN 55343
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Sponsorship & Corporate Giving

Knowing we are a startup, I am pretty sure you know what we need immediately about the Sponsorship & Corporate Giving. We would greatly appreciate your support for Park Of America.

There will be many ways companies and organizations can contribute and get involved at Park Of America. Some of these opportunities will include:

  1. sponsorship of special events
  2. donation of in-kind services and support
  3. grants to support programs and initiatives
  4. employee giving/matching

Park Of America is in search of partnerships where we will be committed to delivering valuable benefits and create a positive partnership to all Park Of America sponsors.

Park of America has information about a few unique sponsorship programs that will be released soon. The terms will be historical, and greatly benefit sponsors and their employees. Due to their perks, and limited availability, these opportunities will not be available for long

To find out how your company can get involved, please contact

Terry Sachetti Founder & CEO by filling out the Sponsorship form.

Thank you for your consideration.

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